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Bojack Horseman is A+ so far.

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Milk Teeth BY Keaton Henson


Darling, you ache for my love

And it shows.

Let it go.

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2014 has been so fucking bizarre. Yesterday was January and tomorrow is already Christmas basically. Nah man. I’m not here for that. Slow your roll, Father Time.

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goose riding dog

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How the fuck do I block these stupid god damn “punk edits” on my dash

This website got me cussing and threatening to actually do shit before 8am what the fuck

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Nancy Liang

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Ezra Koenig gets cuter everyday

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The Faults In Our Burgers


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Somewhere Out There BY Donald Glover and Danny Pudi


Somewhere Out There - Donald Glover & Danny Pudi (Troy & Abed)

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Maybe I should do the Boo Radley Challenge where I stay in my house for 25 years and never leave

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I don’t know when it started and why but I can’t stop typing and replying “lmao” after everything I say fUCK

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We don’t talk about Lenny and Carl enough. One of the very first bromances on tv. They paved the way for so many “are they gay or are they just close best friends” television characters.

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For reasons I can’t explain, “YouTube celebrities” make me feel a new and different emotion that doesn’t even exist. Like equal parts annoyed, furious, embarrassed, and however a horse feels being beaten after it’s dead. 

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