Me rolling into your office when I hear you playing a One Direction song

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I was standing at the copy machine and the first notes of “You Don’t Know Your Beautiful” started in someone’s office at the other end of the building and I stopped everything I was doing and froze so I could hear it better and just creepily smiled and sighed contently. If anything related to One Direction is mentioned within a mile radius of me I will somehow find out and drop everything to be a part of it. It’s like heroin to my ears? I don’t even know what I’m saying this band is making me a dumb ass wreck

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I always see these posts that are about celebrating the little things people do because it’s just as important, and now I totally get it. My depression has been so bad that I can barely move out of bed lately. Today I woke up early, showered, put on a little make up, dressed myself in nice clothes, and went to work. I know that sounds like absolutely nothing, but I’m proud of myself. Baby steps.

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(at Fort Yargo State Park)

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I’ve literally slept through most of the last 6 days. I’m not even exaggerating. I’m so impressed with my sloth like ability. But I have to go back into the real world in about 4 hours and I am so sad and unprepared. Pants and talking are things of the past for me. How upsetting it will be to do both.

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Milk Teeth BY Keaton Henson


Darling, you ache for my love

And it shows.

Let it go.

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2014 has been so fucking bizarre. Yesterday was January and tomorrow is already Christmas basically. Nah man. I’m not here for that. Slow your roll, Father Time.

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goose riding dog

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How the fuck do I block these stupid god damn “punk edits” on my dash

This website got me cussing and threatening to actually do shit before 8am what the fuck

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Nancy Liang

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Ezra Koenig gets cuter everyday

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The Faults In Our Burgers


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Somewhere Out There BY Donald Glover and Danny Pudi


Somewhere Out There - Donald Glover & Danny Pudi (Troy & Abed)

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